Up to 3000 webinar participants reached in any language

If your clients are hosting a webinar to engage their colleagues and business partners around the world, then VoiceBoxer can help them reach a broader audience with our unique presentation and conferencing platform, built for seamless integration with remote simultaneous interpretation.

Our platform can host up to 3000 webinar participants joining from all over the world, and the platform comes with the following special features to maximize the webinar experience:

Layout Perfectly Made for Webinars

The “Single View” layout option available on the VoiceBoxer platform is tailored to webinars and web presentations, as it allows the participants to focus their attention on the presentation material and active speaker only.

More dynamic layouts are available depending on the event’s specific requirements.

Translated Chat Messages

This feature allows participants to chat, have Q&A sessions, and share notes, each in the language they prefer.

It is perfect for events with many participants engaging in different languages. Participants won’t miss a single comment, regardless of the language in which it is sent.

Multilingual Polling

With this feature, your clients can obtain rapid feedback from their multilingual audience using this easy and manageable integrated tool, with built-in translation and multilingual access.

VoiceBoxer’s unique multilingual polling is a fantastic way to engage larger audiences in real time.

Presentation in Any Language

In addition to listening to the remote simultaneous interpretation, participants can also follow the translated visual presentation synched to their language of choice.

Empower your clients with translated presentations to ensure the message reaches the wider audience in all languages.

App for iOS and Android

As an alternative to the VoiceBoxer browser-based interface, participants can join webinars via the VoiceBoxer mobile app. This way, they can listen in from anywhere using their mobile devices when they are unable to join via computer.

The app allows participants to listen to the webinar and see the presentation in their preferred language.  Audience attendance can be restricted to registered users or open to guest access for public events.

Live Technical Support

To ensure that all of your customers’ multilingual events are up to your expectations and requirements, our live technicians are specialized in ensuring your team and client are supported throughout their multilingual event.

From user and interpreter trainings to recordings and live technical support during the event, our team is ready to ensure that everyone is comfortable and confident throughout the duration of their VoiceBoxer experience.

Built with Interpreters in Mind

VoiceBoxer has been built with multilingual access at the forefront. Interpreters have their own easy-to-use and intuitive interface that allows them to work at the height of their professional experience.

Your interpreters will find the VoiceBoxer interface built with their needs in mind to ensure a professional and enjoyable experience.

More Ways to Use VoiceBoxer

Explore more ways to use VoiceBoxer below, or contact us now for a free demo.

Online Meetings

Make virtual meetings or video conferences multilingual, ensuring all participants can get their message across in their preferred language.

Hybrid Events

Do your clients already have a preferred online meeting platform? VoiceBoxer Connect can make any platform multilingual with easy layered integration, allowing your clients to attend on any platform and access the interpretation with the click of a button.

Onsite Events

VoiceBoxer is perfect for onsite events requiring live interpretation. Plus VoiceBoxer enables participation by attendees who cannot join in person, expanding the reach of live conferences.

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