Let presenters, interpreters, and audiences join onsite events

VoiceBoxer is not just for online events.  When setting up multilingual onsite events for your clients, consider the convenience, efficiency, and flexibility of VoiceBoxer’s remote interpretation access.

The VoiceBoxer platform is customizable for any configuration, able to serve onsite events with an out-of-the-box solution that saves time and money while ensuring multilingual access for all attendees.

The platform comes with the following special features to maximize the onsite experience:

App for iOS and Android:

Participants attending onsite conferences have their interpretation receivers in hand with VoiceBoxer’s mobile receiver app, available in iOS and Android.

The VoiceBoxer app turns any mobile device into a receiver, reducing cost and necessity for specialized hardware.

The VoiceBoxer Virtual Booth for Professional Interpreters

Our virtual booth setup minimizes the need for
physical booths at your clients’ onsite events.

Whether colocated or remote, interpreters can have the experience of a physical booth, plus all the advantages of digital technology, to ensure a professional and comfortable interpreting experience.

Easy to Integrate with Most Equipment

The VoiceBoxer platform is easy to integrate with any onsite hardware.

Just tell us of your unique requirements and we will facilitate a customized configuration that ensures your clients’ onsite events work seamlessly.

Easy Access to Interpreted Audio

With the click of a button, it is easy to access live interpretation through VoiceBoxer.

Using the VoiceBoxer receiver app, any mobile device can become a receiver, where selecting your language is just a click away.

More ways to use VoiceBoxer

Explore more ways to use VoiceBoxer below, or contact us now for a free demo.

Online Meetings

Make virtual meetings or video conferences multilingual, ensuring all participants can get their message across in their preferred language.

Hybrid Events

Do your clients already have a preferred online meeting platform? VoiceBoxer Connect can make any platform multilingual with easy layered integration, allowing your clients to attend on any platform and access the interpretation with the click of a button.

Onsite Events

VoiceBoxer is perfect for onsite events requiring live interpretation. Plus VoiceBoxer enables participation by attendees who cannot join in person, expanding the reach of live conferences.

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