Designed to host large virtual conferences for your clients

If your clients are hosting online conferences that require live interpretation to engage a large audience in any language, then VoiceBoxer can help with our multilingual conference platform.

Our platform is specially designed to allow our partners to host conferences on behalf of their customers, where presenters, interpreters, and large audiences can join from all over the world.

The platform comes with the following special features to maximize the online conference experience:

Layout Suited for Online Conferences

VoiceBoxer’s customizable user interface allows each user to manage their own experience. The “Panel View” multi-video layout for online conferences allows participants to see multiple panelists at once, positioning the active speaker in prime position on-screen while the rest of the panelists are visible below.

When a different presenter takes the floor their video is moved to the spotlight position.

Multilingual Polling for Quick Audience Feedback

Presenters can pose multiple choice polling questions throughout the online conference. Either pre-programmed or created on-the-fly, the multilingual polling feature allows conference organizers to gain instant feedback from their large audience.

Accessible in any language, VoiceBoxer’s multilingual polling feature is a fantastic way for your clients to engage a wider audience during large online conferences.

App for iOS and Android

Participants attending online conferences hosted on the VoiceBoxer platform can also join via the VoiceBoxer app, available for iOS and Android. This way, attendees can listen in the language of their choice, even if they aren’t able to join the conference through a computer.

The app allows participants to listen to their preferred language and to see the translated presentations–each in their preferred language, of course.

Breakout Rooms and Work Groups

If your clients want to divide their conference into separate breakout rooms or work groups, VoiceBoxer can help achieve that.

VoiceBoxer works closely with you to optimize the event’s configuration, panel discussions, or working groups to meet your clients’ specific needs.

More Ways to Use VoiceBoxer

Explore more ways to use VoiceBoxer below, or contact us now for a free demo.

Online Meetings

Make virtual meetings or video conferences multilingual, ensuring all participants can get their message across in their preferred language.

Hybrid Events

Do your clients already have a preferred online meeting platform? VoiceBoxer Connect can make any platform multilingual with easy layered integration, allowing your clients to attend on any platform and access the interpretation with the click of a button.

Onsite Events

VoiceBoxer is perfect for onsite events requiring live interpretation. Plus VoiceBoxer enables participation by attendees who cannot join in person, expanding the reach of live conferences.

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