VoiceBoxer makes hybrid events with integrated technologies easy

If your clients are hosting events that involve hybrid configurations, VoiceBoxer’s flexible and customizable technology can help.

VoiceBoxer Connect is designed to build the perfect bridge between your clients’ preferred virtual meeting platform and VoiceBoxer’s professional interpretation interface.

With VoiceBoxer Connect, your clients don’t have to choose between their existing virtual meeting space and VoiceBoxer’s unique interpretation delivery system.

VoiceBoxer Connect can also facilitate the expansion of onsite events to remote audiences, combining the personal touch of in-person meetings with virtual access.  The platform comes with the following special features to maximize the event experience:

Live Technical Support

When layering VoiceBoxer’s unique interpretation delivery with other hardware or software, our team is available to ensure a smooth integration. 

Our live technicians will ensure that the interpreters and participants enjoy a smooth and professional experience.

Feasible in Any Configuration

The VoiceBoxer platform is easy to integrate with any onsite hardware or virtual meeting software.

Just tell us of your unique requirements and the VoiceBoxer Connect flexible system will facilitate a customized configuration that ensures your clients’ hybrid events work seamlessly.

App for iOS and Android

Participants attending your clients’ hybrid events can join via the VoiceBoxer app for iOS and Android. This way, they can listen in any language of their choice and see the translated presentations.

Our mobile app reduces the cost and necessity for specialized equipment for audiences, ensuring that, whether attending in person or virtually, the attendee experience is robust.

Easy Access to Audio and Video

With the click of a button, it is easy to access live interpretation through VoiceBoxer.

Whether on the app, integrated with onsite hardware, or layered underneath other streaming technologies, access to invaluable multilingual engagement is just a click away.

More Ways to Use VoiceBoxer

Explore more ways to use VoiceBoxer below, or contact us now for a free demo.

Online Meetings

Make virtual meetings or video conferences multilingual, ensuring all participants can get their message across in their preferred language.

Hybrid Events

Do your clients already have a preferred online meeting platform? VoiceBoxer Connect can make any platform multilingual with easy layered integration, allowing your clients to attend on any platform and access the interpretation with the click of a button.

Onsite Events

VoiceBoxer is perfect for onsite events requiring live interpretation. Plus VoiceBoxer enables participation by attendees who cannot join in person, expanding the reach of live conferences.

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